Pitching classes

After years of helping friends, friends of friends and random people on the internet pitch media outlets for free, I've decided I should make little side biz out of it because the struggle is real. Having worked for nearly four years in the press team at Transparency International, and two hustling as a freelance journalist full-time, I've got pretty damn good at pitching media outlets. I've been published in The Guardian, BBC News, Al Jazeera, VICE and many more - and though I'd like to think that's because of my raw journalistic talent, if I'm honest, it's probably got a lot to do with knowing how and who to pitch.

So if you're an early career/aspiring/student journalist, artist/creator, small business, NGO/charity etc etc for a reasonable hourly rate over the internet/phone I can:


- Teach you how to write a successful journalistic pitch, from subject line to layout
- Write and/or edit pitches for you
- Give feedback on your pitches
- Offer advice on which publications/editors/journalists you should pitch

*Message me your budget and we can talk. Discounted rates for POC and femmes*


"It's no understatement to say that Alice has been behind most of my successful video, photo and text pitches over the last two years: the BBC, Thomson Reuters, the Guardian, Le Monde. She has a clear understanding of what different editors at major outlets are looking for, and how to build up a strong relationship with them - so that the commissions keep coming" - Thomas Lewton, freelance filmmaker and journalist

"Working with Alice was a pleasure. Her creative approach to comms was a game changer for Transparency International UK. For one report we launched she secured eight broadcast interviews and almost 40 national press articles, not including the dozens of instances of local and international press coverage. This included the lead story on the front page of the The Independent, as well as pieces in The Financial Times (page two), The Guardian, The New York Times, The Daily Mail and the BBC" - Rachel Davies Teka, Head of Advocacy, Transparency International UK

"When I met Alice I was starting out as a freelance journalist but went through a year of receiving rejection after rejection, mostly not even receiving replies for pitches I spent days on. I was starting to really lose faith in my ability to write until I turned to Alice for help. Over the years she has guided me to be tactful; taught me what risks to take and not to take, who to pitch to for what and how to approach journalists and editors. I have since been published in multiple publications such as Stylist, The Telegraph, DIVA and Refinery29 - all of which I can honestly say would not have happened without Alice’s invaluable guidance and expertise" - Anisa Easterbrook, freelance journalist and Communications Assistant, Stars Foundation

"I hired Alice as a digital storyteller for JustGiving to help identify, extract and generate powerful, human-interest stories from the crowdfunding platform.  She has an instinctive eye for a story, deep understanding of news cycles and great contacts, which consistently secured us standout coverage in national titles, such as the Independent and the Guardian. " - Helen Dagley, PR Manager, JustGiving